Oppo Find X3 Pro and Find X3 series: Everything we know so far (Feb. 24)

Update, February 24, 2021 (11:43 AM ET): We’ve recently updated this Oppo Find X3 Pro and Find X3 series rumor hub with new information regarding supposed pricing. There are also new rumors related to a release date, features, and the different designs in the lineup. Read on for more!

Original article: In 2020, the Oppo Find X2 Pro became one of our favorite smartphones of the year. Oppo’s unique take on flagship phone design set it apart from the crowd. Meanwhile, the camera’s high quality impressed us, and even Color OS is slowly shaping into an amazing Android skin. Now, in 2021, all eyes are on the Oppo Find X3 Pro.

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In addition to the direct follow-up to the Find X2 Pro, we also expect at least two other phones to land in the Find … Read more


Android’s spring feature rollout includes a Google Maps dark mode

Credit: Google
  • Google is officially rolling out a series of Android feature updates for spring 2021.
  • The highlights are a dark mode for Google Maps as well as better hands-free Assistant commands.
  • Scheduled messages, accessibility features and a system-wide password checkup are on the way.

Your Android phone is about to get a welcome refresh as the weather warms up in many parts of the world. Google is officially rolling out a string of Android feature updates for spring 2021, headlined by a dark mode in Maps.

While Google Maps had a quasi dark mode when you enabled navigation at night, the long-teased upgrade makes that available no matter what you’re doing inside the app — helpful if you’re looking for a late-night food delivery. When it’s available, you can enable the low-light option by choosing “Always in Dark Theme” in the app’s settings.

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All Samsung devices from 2019 or later will get 4 years of security updates

Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority
  • Samsung just announced a new policy for Samsung updates.
  • The policy states that all Android-based Galaxy-branded devices from 2019 or later will now get four years of security patches.
  • That includes every Galaxy line: Galaxy S, Note, Z, A, XCover, and Tab, for a total of over 130 models.

Last year, Samsung surprised us all by announcing it would support its most recent phones with three years of Android upgrades. That’s an extra year on top of the de facto two-year upgrade promise Google requires of OEMs (but rarely enforces).

Today, Samsung upped the ante on that promise. Now, every Galaxy-branded Android device from 2019 or later will get four years of security patches. These Samsung updates will land on all devices from its various lines: Galaxy S, Note, Z, A, XCover, and Tab.

Combined with the previous policy change, … Read more


Why is there no real competition to Samsung’s S Pen?

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority
Opinion post by
Jon Fingas

When you think about stylus-equipped phones, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series and the S Pen are likely the first things that come to mind. And there’s no doubt that the Note is reasonably popular. The Note 2o Ultra was one of the top five strongest-selling phones in the US and South Korea as of October 2020, according to Counterpoint Research.

But there’s a problem: try thinking of a modern, pen-friendly phone that isn’t made by Samsung. While there are certainly a few, such as the Moto G Stylus and (if you buy a pen separately) the Huawei Mate series, Samsung and the S Pen tower above all of these in both sales and name recognition. There’s no meaningful competition. Even our list of Galaxy Note 20 alternatives is focused on big-screen flagships that have no stylus option.

Why is … Read more


Google Pixel 4a revisted: The good and bad six months later

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Although the Google Pixel 4a arrived very late to the party last year, it was still a massive critical success. Across the board, critics and buyers loved the phone for delivering a solid set of basic specs for an extremely reasonable price of just $349. In our original Google Pixel 4a review, we called it Google’s best phone in years and it came third in our Editor’s Choice award for the best smartphone of 2020.

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All that happened back in August. Six months later, the smartphone landscape looks a bit different. Since then, we’ve seen a whole swath of new iPhones, the launch of the unexpectedly-less-expensive Samsung Galaxy S21 series, and plenty of announcements and rumors of phones coming down the pipeline soon. With all that in mind, is the … Read more


For years, I’ve tried to work my way back into the middle class


Early this winter, I took a long walk in the Salt Lake City park in which I had been arrested for bathing in a river when I was homeless.

About 30 minutes into that walk, I stood across from the park’s granite meditation temple, thinking: Three and a half years ago, I slept under that building’s awning.

I can still feel how hard that temple’s cold stone floor was; I remember how people strolled by my bed of cardboard and clothes and stared with what struck me as a combination of concern, contempt, and pity. Now I see that these are also the lenses through which I have often judged my own progress in my new, not-yet-middle-class life.

These days, I often wonder: Am I really doing as well as I should be after all this time? How did I ever allow myself to fall so far? Trying to Read more


FGM safeguarding policies are alienating UK’s African diaspora communities

Credit: United Nations

AHEAD of tomorrow’s International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, by the United Nations, FORWARD, the leading African women-led organisation working to end violence against women and girls, and the University of Huddersfield have published new research that documents how the stringent, targeted, FGM safeguarding measures introduced since the 2014 Girl Summit are causing distress and mistrust amongst African diaspora communities in Bristol, and potentially across the country.

The research reveals first-hand evidence documenting how FGM safeguarding policies are leaving families feeling racially profiled, criminalised and stigmatised. To access the full study report, please follow this link: https://www.forwarduk.org.uk/forward-publications/fgm-safeguarding-bristol-study/.

Over the latter half of the last decade, the UK government intensified its response to FGM, giving FGM a ‘special’ status within national safeguarding, going far beyond the UK’s regulatory approach to other forms of child abuse.

This includes the introduction of FGM Mandatory Reporting Duty, the

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Predictive policing is still racist—whatever data it uses

It’s no secret that predictive policing tools are racially biased. A number of studies have shown that racist feedback loops can arise if algorithms are trained on police data, such as arrests. But new research shows that training predictive tools in a way claimed to lessen bias has little effect.

Arrest data biases predictive tools because police are known to arrest more people in Black and other minority neighborhoods, which leads algorithms to direct more policing to those areas, which leads to more arrests. The result is that predictive tools misallocate police patrols: some neighborhoods are unfairly designated crime hotspots; others are underpoliced.

In their defence, many developers of predictive policing tools say that they have started using victim reports to get a more accurate picture of crime rates across different neighborhoods. In theory victim reports should be less biased because they aren’t affected by police prejudice or … Read more


Save $90 on the Pixel 4a 5G, and more of the best Google Pixel deals

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

The Google Pixel family has long had a list of features that make it a go-to for die-hard fans. Whether it’s the vanilla Android experience or the powerful camera, the Pixel packs some features that set it apart from the pack. As Android nerds, we’re always on the lookout for Google Pixel deals. With the Google Pixel 5 finally here, we’re hoping that we’ll start to see bigger discounts on previous variants soon.

Here are some of the best deals on everything from the Pixel 5 to the original Pixel XL and everything in between.

Featured deal: Save $90 on the Pixel 4a 5G

Unlocked Google Pixel 4a 5G Best Buy Deal

Credit: Best Buy

The Google Pixel 4a 5G was already considered to be great value for its price point. Now a number of retailers have the Pixel 4a 5G on offer for $459 ($40 off), and Best Buy … Read more


We asked, you told us: You don’t think Samsung should kill the Note series

Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Multiple recent reports have sounded the death knell for Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Some say Samsung will completely ditch the phablet line in 2021 while others insist there might be one last Note on its way out next year.

Based on these reports, we asked our readers what they think of Samsung merging the Galaxy Note series with the Galaxy S flagship line. We also asked our audience across YouTube, Twitter, and our website if they want Samsung to kill off the Galaxy Note series completely. Here are the results of both those polls.

Do you want Samsung to merge the Galaxy S and Note series?

Do you think Samsung should kill off the Galaxy Note series?


60.4{0ab330907ab55d1d247a5e46cbfc213f668b37838ccb2fc637c3c0da5f4ad964} of the 1,238 Android Authority readers who voted in … Read more


OnePlus Nord N10 and N100 will get Android 11…and then that’s it.

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority
  • OnePlus confirmed that the OnePlus Nord N10 and Nord N100 will receive just one Android upgrade.
  • Since the devices ship with Android 10, that means they’ll eventually get Android 11 and then no more upgrades after that.
  • The company did also confirm that both phones will see two years of security updates.

The OnePlus Nord series is brand new in 2020. As such, we don’t have years and years of history to look at when it comes to software upgrades, security support, etc. Up until now, that info has been all up in the air.

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However, OnePlus recently confirmed to Android Central that the two newest Nord phones — the Nord N10 and Nord N100 — will only receive one software upgrade. Both devices ship with Android 10, which logically means … Read more


The Charlesworth Group strengthens Hindawi partnership in China

Leading open access publisher Hindawi has extended their partnership with The Charlesworth Group to include digital author marketing in China.

Credit: © The Charlesworth Group
© Hindawi Limited

The services provided by The Charlesworth Group form part of a holistic package of solutions across the entire publication journey to support Hindawi’s author engagement strategy in China. Through this partnership, The Charlesworth Group are now providing Hindawi with comprehensive digital marketing, including a new Chinese website and search marketing campaigns. Charlesworth have provided WeChat account management services and media monitoring to Hindawi since early 2018 and have recently begun offering Hindawi authors optional expert editing services through Charlesworth Author Services.

Through offering these new services, together with the existing WeChat account management service, this partnership can offer deeper author engagement in the China market at a key time for Chinese researchers as institutions begin to map out their publications policy in

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