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We’re all stuck inside during the holidays this year, so why not make the most of your streaming experience without breaking the bank? Right now, you can pick up a third-generation Google Chromecast for just $18.99 — a nice savings of $11.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. This is not the just-released Chromecast with Google TV; that streaming device still costs $50, even on Black Friday. However, the third-gen Chromecast is still a great streaming device even though it’s a few years old at this point. We were fans of the Chromecast when we reviewed it in 2018, and that was back when the device was $50. If you’d like to see how the Chromecast competes with newer streaming devices, check out our in-depth comparison here.

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Looking to take advantage of this Google Chromecast deal? You can pick up your third-gen Chromecast from various retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, B&H, and more. It’s available in the Charcoal (black) colorway from all retailers. You’ll need to buy from the Google Store if you want the Chalk (white) version. Keep in mind the dongle will be stuck behind your TV and out of sight, so the color really shouldn’t matter too much.

Hit the links below to take advantage of this Google Chromecast deal for yourself. If you’d like to also save some cash on streaming services, we’ve got you covered.

Google Chromecast (3rd Generation)
Streaming on the cheap
This third-gen Google Chromecast deal for Black Friday 2020 is one of the best streaming deals we could find this season. At just $19, the Chromecast will be a perfect stocking stuffer or backup streaming device for your home.

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