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  • Nest has unveiled a new Thermostat that’s focused on simplicity and affordability.
  • It still helps you find energy savings and monitor your HVAC, and it’s more colorful.
  • Pre-orders start in North America on October 12 at a price of $130.

Nest hasn’t significantly updated its Thermostat line in three years, but it’s finally ready to deliver a new model in 2020 — and it won’t surprise you to hear that the focus is on price rather than sheer capability.

The new Thermostat is still simple to set up and use. You don’t need a common wire to get started, and you can touch or tap the edge to control your home’s climate. Of course, you can still use voice control through Google Assistant devices in addition to the Nest app on your phone.

nest thermostat 2020 price

Credit: Google

Instead, the focus is on a sleeker, more colorful design with charcoal, fog (think seafoam green), sand, and snow colors framing a “smooth mirror” display. The interface involves simple swipes and taps on the side — there are no buttons or elaborate touchscreen controls here. The updated Thermostat also relies on a pair of AA cells for backup rather than a built-in battery, so it may be easier to keep running without professional help.

You still have access to common Nest features on the 2020 thermostat, including a Savings Finder to improve efficiency and alerts for heating and air conditioning (HVAC) problems. Certain power utilities, like ComEd and Duke Energy, will also give you rebates and rewards.

As we said at the start, though, price appears to be the main focus for the new Nest Thermostat. The new version will be available to pre-order in the US and Canada on October 12 for just $130, significantly below the $169 official price for the Thermostat E. That makes it more immediately tempting compared to rivals like the Ecobee 3 Lite, and it might pay for itself that much sooner if there are significant energy savings available for your home.

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