Credit: @OnLeaks
  • Renders of the Samsung Galaxy A22 just leaked from a reliable source.
  • The phone has a camera module that looks a lot like what you find on the back of Google Pixel phones.
  • The Galaxy A22 will likely end up being Samsung’s least-expensive 5G-capable phone whenever it launches.

A few weeks ago, Samsung rolled out a slew of Galaxy A phones. The Galaxy A line is where Sammy puts its budget-friendly models, with pricing ranging from as low as $110 all the way up to $550. Now, it looks like there’s a new entry on the way.

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Earlier today, reliable leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks) shared some new images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A22 (h/t Gizmo China). Interestingly, the budget phone borrows a bit from the camera design of Google Pixel phones, which makes it the first time we’ve seen Samsung do that.

You can see the leaked renders below.

Samsung Galaxy A22

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G renders 1
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G renders 3

On the back, the square-ish camera module is basically a dead ringer for the modules on every Pixel phone launched since the Pixel 4 in 2019. However, there appear to be three lenses here, which no Pixel phone has ever supported.

Elsewhere, you can see a side-mounted fingerprint sensor that doubles as a power button. This suggests that the Samsung Galaxy A22 could have an LCD display (since you need an OLED panel for in-display fingerprint sensors), which would certainly help keep costs low.

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Considering the Galaxy A22 will likely be a 5G-capable phone but still be less expensive than the $280 Galaxy A32, it should end up being Samsung’s cheapest 5G-powered phone. There are rumors that the company could launch a 4G-only variant in certain locations, but we don’t know that for certain yet.

Either way, you can expect the Galaxy A22 to be cheap, 5G-capable, and with a back that makes it look like a Pixel phone. Stay tuned!

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