If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve noticed that demand for Nintendo Switch handsets has far outstripped supply during the pandemic. But we’re now starting to see the consoles return to the shelves, and there are offers on many Switch-related products too. We’ve rounded up the best Nintendo Switch deals available right now.

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While Switch consoles are mostly full price at the moment, there are some big discounts on top games and accessories available across the web. If all you need is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, that’s on offer from Amazon for $59 ($11 off).

Featured deals: Up to 50% off gaming headsets

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset Amazon Deal

Credit: Amazon

Your Switch gaming sessions aren’t complete without immersive audio, so a good gaming headset is an excellent addition to your setup. It also allows you to get the full experience without annoying other commuters or family members. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up three of the best gaming headset deals right now, saving you as much as 50% on the retail prices.

First up, we have a deal on one of the most popular headsets on the market: the Razer Kraken. The custom-tuned 50mm drivers and 7.1 Surround Sound keep you locked into your game-athon. The cooling, gel-infused cushions prevent overheating and pressure build-up. The headphones are currently on offer for $59.99 ($20 off).

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If you’re on a tighter budget, the VersionTech G2000 gaming headset is a good option. omnidirectional mic sound, noise-cancellation, and high-grade 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets all contribute to an affordable but solid set of cans. With an Amazon price drop and on-page coupon, these $40 ‘phones are down to $18.99 ($21 off) right now.

You can also get a half-price bargain on the Logitech G533 Wireless gaming headset, which is on offer from Walmart for $74 ($76 off). Pro-G audio drivers use hybrid mesh materials to deliver audio performance, and DTS Headphone:X technology accurately replicates 7.1 speaker placement and audio positioning.

Check out all three deals via the links below, or scroll on for more Switch-specific deals on games, accessories, and more.

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset




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VersionTech G2000 Gaming Headset




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Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset




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Nintendo Switch deals

Editors note: All deals were live at the time of writing, but the marketplace for Switch consoles and games is changing quickly. We’ll periodically update the page as deals end and pop up.

Nintendo Switch game deals

Mariokart 8 Deluxe

If you’re lucky enough to already own a Switch or Switch Lite, there are some sweet deals on games right now. You can check out the full range of dozens of Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy switch game deals. We’ve picked out the best ones below, starting with the Mario-verse:

If you’re not a Mario fan then you might have the wrong console. Thankfully, the deals extend to more top titles including the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Nintendo Switch accessory deals

SanDisk microSDXC Memory Cards for Nintendo Switch

Since the Nintendo Switch is over three years old at this point, there is a thriving ecosystem of accessories for it. Controllers, cases, connectivity dongles, and even customization tools are all available for the Switch.

We have a full list of the best accessories you can get for the Nintendo Switch. Buying at retail value is fine, but here are some deals on Switch accessories that can save you a bit of cash.

With all the game deals above it won’t be long before you need more storage for your console. Here are some bargains on SanDisk memory cards for the Switch.

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Nintendo Switch consoles

PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch 12

There’s a reason that the Nintendo Switch was in short supply for much of the pandemic. Nintendo really nailed it with this hybrid console, with sales being consistently high since its launch back in 2017. Unlike the PS4 and Xbox One S, it can be used as a wireless handheld device — not unlike the Nintendo 3DS, another insanely popular Nintendo product — or it can be docked and connected to a TV to be played in the normal home console style.

You won’t find big discounts on Nintendo Switch consoles, but there are some savings to be made. Here are some of the best options:

Switch Lite consoles

Nintendo Switch Lite on a sofa

More than two years after the launch of the original Nintendo Switch, the company announced a new variant of the console: the Nintendo Switch Lite. As the name suggests, this console is a watered-down version of the original. This means you get fewer features but also a lower price.

The Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t skimp out on the game library. Almost every game the original Switch supports the Switch Lite also supports (with the exception of games that require Joy-Con usage, such as 1-2-Switch). If you buy a physical game for your main Switch, that cartridge will also work in your Switch Lite. Additionally, if you use the same Nintendo account on both systems, you’ll have access to the digital games you’ve paid for through the Nintendo eShop.

The Switch Lite isn’t quite as scarce as the Switch, but you’re still hard-pressed to find big bargains for now. Here are some of the best prices we could find:

That’s it for our Nintendo Switch deals list, but it’s not the only console in town. If you’re curious about what other offers are out there, check out our Xbox deals or PS4 deals hubs.

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