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What is Starz? There are a lot of streaming options out there, and they seem to increase with every passing year. The streaming wars have hit their stride. While Netflix once reigned supreme, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and HBO Max — among others — have stepped in to add a little competition to the mix.

And smaller contenders exist too. Some are new players, and others are traditional cable networks looking to diversify, offering cheaper libraries to round out your streaming needs. That’s where Starz comes in. If you’re new to Starz and not sure whether it’s worth your while, read on for everything you need to know about the premium cable net-cum-streaming site.

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What is Starz?

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Starz is a premium cable and satellite TV network owned by Lionsgate. In addition to a 24-hour channel, it offers a traditional on-demand subscription channel, and, as of 2016, an all-inclusive streaming app. Starz makes all of its content available to channel subscribers as well as streaming-only subscribers.

And that premium label means the streamer offers an impressive rotating library of feature films, including some new releases, as well as its own exclusive, prestige series.

Is Starz worth it?

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With so many streaming sites competing for your monthly payments, it’s fair to ask whether you really want to add Starz to your lineup. So, let’s dig in and look at how the service works.

How do you sign up?

There are currently several ways to become a Starz subscriber. You can get it through your cable or satellite provider, if you want the traditional channel experience.

You can also sign up online and watch on your laptop or download a standalone app. Do that by clicking the button below.

And another popular option is to get Starz as an add-on channel on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft, Roku, Samsung TV, Sling, or Sprint.

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How much does Starz cost?

Pricing for Starz varies depending on which part of the service you want and which cable or satellite providers are available to you. Different providers will offer different rates and monthly subscription fees. And Starz may be bundled into existing packages or offered as an add-on.

The Starz app, which gives you unlimited access to all Starz content, will be included with your TV subscription.

If you’re all about that cord-cutting life, though, or just don’t want any more channels, the app alone is $8.99 per month.

Can you get Starz for free?

If you subscribe to Starz through your cable or satellite provider, good news! You get the Starz app at no extra cost and can stream to your heart’s content. It’s not really free, because you’re paying for the TV service, but the app isn’t representing a new expense.

If you’re looking for a free streaming-only subscription, the answer might disappoint you a little. The standard free trial is pretty much your only legal option. There’s no ad-supported free version, for example. Starz is premium from top to bottom, and that’s just something you have to pay for.

The Starz free trial period is just seven days long. You’ll need to register for the service, providing billing information, and then make sure to cancel anytime before the seven-day trial period ends. Sign up now at the button below.

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What devices does Starz support?

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Starz runs on just about every screen, so you can subscribe without worrying too much about compatibility. Supported devices include:

  • Kindle Fire Tablet
  • Kindle Fire Phone
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox One S
  • Select Smart TVs

Minimum system and internet requirements

The minimum bandwidth to stream Starz content is 2.5 Mbps, but they recommend 6 Mbps for the best experience.

Other minimum requirements will depend on your device of choice. If you’re using a Kindle Fire tablet, you’ll need a fourth-generation device or newer.

Android users need fifth-generation or newer for both phones and tablets. And for Android TVs, make sure you’re using Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield, or Razer Forge. Android TV should be fifth-gen or later on all Sony Smart TVs too. Aside from Sony, select Samsung Smart TVs from 2014 to 2018 will also support Starz.

On the Apple side, you’ll need a third or fourth-generation Apple TV, while your iPhone, iPad, and iPod need to run iOS 10.3 or higher. Or if you favor Roku, make sure you’re working with second-gen or newer.

And lastly, if you’re watching Starz on a computer, make sure you’re running Windows 10 or newer, or Apple OSX 10.5.7 or newer, with a current version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Can you download Starz content?

If you ever want to make use of your subscription without access to a stable internet connection, you can download content to your device.

Most movies and series are available for download. Tap the download icon, which looks like an arrow pointing to an inbox, and you’re all set. Downloaded files and download progress bars will appear in your “My List” tab. If you don’t see a download icon, it’s because the title you want isn’t available, usually due to licensing agreements.

While you can watch downloaded titles at your convenience, some restrictions apply.

Some international viewing restrictions will limit where you can watch outside the US. And downloads will autodelete after two weeks or if the title goes out of its licensing window.

Where is Starz available?

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Starz is an American service, so the details of this article pertain to US customers only.

Having said that, international customers do have options. Check your cable and satellite suppliers for options and special offers. And if you want to sign up for a streaming-only subscription, see if Starz is available where you are either as a standalone service or an add-on on Amazon, Google, Apple TV, or exclusive local services, like Crave in Canada.

What can you watch on Starz?

Credit: Starz

Starz has a lot of titles to choose from, with films and TV series in every genre and for all ages.

If you just want the streaming service without the cable and satellite channels, you won’t notice a difference, because the available content is the same. Additionally, everything goes live on the streaming app the same day as it airs. You won’t miss anything or fall behind.

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The Starz movie library

True to its 1990s origins as a movie channel and part of Encore, Starz continues to host a wide variety of Hollywood and international films. Their library includes some newer releases. Among current offerings released since 2019 are:

  • Bad Boys for Life
  • The Craft: Legacy
  • Bloodshot
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home

You can also catch up with your favorite classics in plenty of genres on Starz. These include:

  • Men in Black
  • Overboard
  • Elf
  • Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
  • Titanic

Starz originals

On the TV side, Starz offers a wide selection of original programming. As a premium network, you can expect a certain degree of prestige, with big names and high production value. Classic titles still available include comedy series Party Down, pirate tale Black Sails, and Roman epic Spartacus.

Popular recent titles include:

  • Outlander
  • Power
  • The Girlfriend Experience
  • The Luminaries
  • P-Valley
  • Men in Kilts

Starz is also a heavy hitter in the true-crime arena, with tons of acclaimed shows. Among them are the new and trending Confronting a Serial Killer, as well as the recent acclaimed cult exposé Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult.

You’ll also find a few third-party titles, like FX legal drama Damages and the BBC’s cult crime series Luther, for example.

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How does it hold up to the competition?

Credit: Starz

Netflix premium subscriptions have been steadily rising and now come in at almost $20 per month, so an $8.99 subscription is certainly welcome in the increasingly pricy streaming space.

But there are limits to the service, and for my money, it’s more of an add-on to your existing subscriptions, giving you some extra viewing options — many of which are exclusive to Starz.

You aren’t getting the variety of something like HBO Max, Amazon Prime, or Netflix, which each offer massive libraries of films and TV series from different studios and networks, along with their own originals. But you’re getting a solid batch of prestige series and films that you won’t find anywhere else.

With a crowded field that includes the above services as well as Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Mubi, Peacock, Shudder, Britbox, the Criterion Channel, and seemingly more new options every day, Starz is certainly one more affordable premium option, like Epix, to diversify your streaming ecosystem.

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Other FAQs

Q: Is Starz available in 4K?
A: Some Starz titles are available to stream in 4K, though not all.

Q: Does Starz have ads?
A: As a premium cable and satellite channel, Starz does not have ads. The same goes for the streaming service. Unlike free streamers like Tubi and Pluto TV, Starz goes straight to the content you’re watching without ad breaks.

Q: Can I watch Starz on my Roku device?
A: Yes, Starz is compatible with Roku (second-generation or later). See the system requirements section above for more information on device compatibility.

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